Deal Registration Policy

(Does not apply towards Agency Partners)

Benefits Include:

  • Exclusive pricing advantage over competitors

  • Potentially higher margins (10% extra for registered deals)

  • Increased chance to win the sale

  • Assistance from sales to help close the deal

  • Early pre-sales and engineering support to help win the business

Program Highlights:

  • Offered to Gold and Platinum Partners (Authorized considered on a one-on-one basis)) who are registered within the online partner portal with current and accurate information.

  • Deal Registration is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • The registration will remain valid for 60 days (and may be renewed).

  • Deal registration may be stacked with existing discounts, such as up-front Gold or Platinum discounts or special promotions.

How Does it Work?

  • Register an account opportunity. This includes the name of the account, the potential sales opportunity and the expected close date.

  • Submit information for approval. Once the information is submitted, the Partner Manager reviews the request and will typically respond within 24 – 48 hours.

  • If rejected, the reason for rejection is noted. The reseller can still work with the account as normal if they desire (we can’t tell the customer who to buy from), but will not have the advantages of deal registration–which goes to the partner who registered the deal.

  • If accepted, it means that the opportunity is strategic enough to merit assistance with selling, support, or financing. It also means you will obtain exclusive extra margins for this account to help you secure the bid.

  • Most deals should be registered after you invite the prospect to see a demo (if another partner has shown the demo they may have already registered the deal).

Xano benefits since we know which significant deals are coming down the pipeline—helping us plan and forecast. It also allows us to help you with your account (from helping you create a competitive bid, to helping you with any trials, pre-sale support, etc.). Partners benefit with exclusive account support, better margins, and assistance with closing the deal.

Rules of Engagement

  • Eligibility – The Deal Registration Program is limited to Gold and Platinum Resellers (authorized considered on a one-on-one basis).

  • Opportunities are registered on a first-come, first-serve basis using the Xano online form within the Partner portal.

  • Only one registration per opportunity will be accepted. Opportunities cannot be combined.

  • Registered opportunities will typically be accepted or rejected within 24 – 48 hours.

  • The opportunity registration discount is valid for 60 days. If the opportunity is still open at this stage the discount will expire and an application for a new discount must be made

  • The discount is only valid for the opportunity registered; the discount may not be carried over to another opportunity that is not registered.

  • Once an opportunity is registered and approved, a Xano sales representative will be assigned to assist the partner through the entire sales cycle to help increase the possibility of success. Similarly, Xano sales representative may bring a potential deal to partners and would expect to work together in the same way.

  • Deal Loyalty. Once an opportunity is registered, to the extent possible, we will either win or lose the deal together as business partners. Our reseller partners agree to the same rule. If Xano brings an opportunity to a partner, the partner agrees to not introduce a competitive solution into the deal under any circumstances. If a partner chooses to bid a competitive product, Xano reserves the right to cancel the deal registration and support other resellers involved in the opportunity.

  • Pricing. By registering an opportunity, Xano sales representatives agree to refrain from engaging the end-customer in pricing and/or business terms discussions whenever possible.The Xano rep can and should give advice and counsel, based on their competitive and industry knowledge, but all pricing discussions, quotes, and other pricing-related material should be delivered to the customer by the reseller whenever possible.

  • The claim paid is based on the SRP pricing at the time the deal is registered (the price is locked/protected), which may differ from the pricing used on the current price list at the time the sale is closed.

  • Xano reserves the right to cancel any pricing list issued.

  • Xano reserves the right to alter, delete, or modify the program at any time, at its sole discretion. It does not affect a deal already registered and still in progress (terms are locked at the time the deal registration is accepted).

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