Lead Policy

Pre-qualified leads

Automatically receive qualified leads prioritized by your region, program level and certification level. Notifications of leads are e-mailed to your primary e-mail account. They are either attached to the e-mail, or contain a link to your personalized Partner portal where they can be viewed and registered (“claimed”). (note: this section does not apply towards Agency Partners).

Lead Follow-up Requirements (Please read)

All leads that come into the company are classified as A, B or C. “C” leads are not actual leads—they are “contacts” since they may not be qualified. These contacts are sent additional information (direct mail, brochures, updates, etc.) by marketing until they respond again and are re-qualified as an A or B—in which case they are immediately referred to the partners.

In order to ensure that valuable leads don’t get cold, there is a required follow-up time period.

  • First, all leads must be claimed within 2 working days.

  • You can have a maximum of 10 leads open (meaning you haven’t followed up and responded) at any one time. Once you close the leads, you will be allowed access to more.

  • “A” leads. These contacts have a decision coming up soon and have requested immediate contact. They must be contacted within two working days.

  • “B” leads. These contacts have specified a decision time, the size of the opportunity, etc. but it is not immediate. They must be contacted within five working days—or they may forget they even requested follow-up.

As a courtesy to the customers, and in fairness to other partners, if a lead is not 1) claimed, 2) contacted within the appropriate time frame, or 3) the follow-up is not subsequently recorded, then the system will automatically re-assign the lead to another partner and you cannot access the specific lead information.

In fairness, any violation of the lead process will be discussed. If it happens further, the lead system will automatically disable leads to your account.

Lead Dissemination

We are in the process of creating an integrated log-in and lead dissemination system. Until then, your Partner Manager will send you leads via e-mail. Thanks.

Don’t hesitate to call one of the Partner Managers with any questions:

Jacques Antikadjian (818) 293-7431 partners@xano.com

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